About. Eliza Lochan

Author of 'Energize Your Desires', mentor & keynote speaker.

Eliza's Story

I'm a life-long optimist and dream chaser.

I've realised many dreams but, like everyone, not without a few roadbumps along the way.

I would pick up the pieces after a disappointment, start afresh or alter my course. I would work hard, face challenges head on and turn them to opportunities for growth. I was determined to succeed and I put in the hard work required.

In 2008 I was faced with a challenge that changed my way of approaching life. I was diagnosed with a serious and possibly fatal illness. The moment I was told this, my intuition took over. I found myself knowing exactly how to respond without even thinking. My immediate reaction was to say this is not my story. I declined any medical intervention. I knew within myself I could heal myself but at that moment I just did not know how.

My scholastic background is science and engineering and my upbringing was based on Christian beliefs. These two ideologies were at conflict with each other throughout my life and thus I had strayed from religion.

Over the years I had researched, studied and explored philosophy, psychology, metaphysics, spirituality, quantum physics and quantum mechanics. So I knew somewhere, somehow, someone would know “how”.

My belief that I could heal myself lead me to further research universal laws, particularly law of attraction. Law of attraction states you create your reality by the thoughts you think. This resonated fully with me and I immediately went to work formulating a program that I would practice each day.

One-to-one programs are held in Perth, Western Australia and/or via video, email and phone, worldwide. The initial phone or eMail consultation is complimentary.

The realization

One month after my initial diagnosis, I had follow up tests and doctors' visits. The doctor was in utter disbelief, not sure how to explain to me what he saw. There was, miraculously, no trace of my - prevously serious - illness.

This is the point in my life where I started paying attention to creating my life deliberately rather than reacting to it.

I have continued my studies in metaphysics and understanding energy in terms of frequency. I have spent years studying, investing, researching and practicing law of attraction and metaphysics. Using my engineering background I put these concepts into practical steps and applied to all aspects of my life. I am manifesting my dreams of wealth, well being, relationships and living a life of freedom and joy!

One-to-one programs are held in Perth, Western Australia and/or via video, email and phone, worldwide. The initial phone or eMail consultation is complimentary.

A brilliantly tuned-in Being

"Eliza is such a gracious and stunningly heart-warming woman. Talking to her is easy and goes very deep, something I really value. I find myself receiving so much from her; perfect perspectives that take my evolution and joy even further. She is one brilliantly tuned in Being and I enjoy our delicious co-creation"

~ Izabella Siodmak, Author & Mentor, QLD, Australia

A powerhouse & trail blazer

"Eliza really excelled in male-dominated pursuits - including the oil industry - by combining her scientific intellect, results-based action approach with her finely honed inner guidance and knowing. She is a powerhouse, a trail blazer & an exceptional mentor who has embodied what she shares with others"

~ John Way Wang, Change and Mindfulness Coach, San Diego, USA

My inner connection

"Eliza's calmness, awareness, radiant happiness, focus, clarity, enthusiasm and confidence, makes people very relaxed. I gained knowledge from Eliza as she a answered lot of my questions and filled missing puzzles of my life that I was searching for; an inner connection with myself."

~ Halina Stanko, Civil Engineer, WA, Australia