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The 7 steps that will propel your life to the next level & unlock your full potential

Eliza Lochan

Master Your Mind. Manifest Your Dreams.

These one-to-one programs are held in Perth, Western Australia and/or via video, email and phone, worldwide. The initial phone or eMail consultation is complimentary.

Some of us have a movie we play in our heads about our lives, the way we want it to be. Our ideal romance, a life of luxury, the perfect job, a loving harmonious family, the perfect body, exciting social life, adventurous holiday, health and wellbeing. What if I told you it is all possible? That you can write the script, direct and produce your ideal life exactly the way you want it. What if you can have the life you have dreamed?

If you identify with us, you are likely successful but in some way unfulfilled. You probably have a comfortable life, but want more.

The 7 Step Program

Eliza's renowned seven-step 1:1 Mentoring Programs use a variety of accelerated change techniques, energetic processes, motivational strategies, personal coaching and mentoring systems to empower you on your personal journey.

    Eliza Lochan
  • 1. A Vision of your Future Self

    This is your personal movie trailer of your dreams. It crystallises your desires and reminds you of the coming attractions in your life. You have a vivid, clear concept to flood your senses and immerse you in the experience to come.

    This vision highlights your desires becoming your reality. It is the story you have written, the scenery you have chosen, the cast members you have selected and the direction you have provided.

    As the creator and producer you get to edit as you go and create the version of this dream you desire.

  • Eliza Lochan
  • 2. Energise Your Desires

    Every moment we are living, new desires are being born into our experience. Some we feel we want, others would be nice to have and then there are those desires we just must have!

    Yet they are not materialized in the order of how much we want them.

    How can we prioritize what we want the most so we achieve it in the shortest time? How do we activate the desires we want the most?

    Eliza teaches how to infuse energy into your desires and by, applying energy, see them increase in priority and intensity.

    You will know how to breathe life into your vision and set it into motion.

  • Eliza Lochan
  • 3. Aligning your wants and beliefs

    Old beliefs are holding you back. Eliza will show you how to replace them with new ones which support you having what you want.

    For example, your want might be to win the lottery. But your belief may be that money has to be earned through hard work.

    With this misalignment between your want and your belief, what you want will not materialize.

    Eliza provides the missing pieces to finding alignment on anything you want to be, to do or to have. You will be connected to your desires in a way that they have no other option but to manifest!

  • Eliza Lochan
  • 4. Becoming The New You

    This is accepting yourself as the creator of your own life.

    It is accepting the credit for what you have accomplished. It is acknowledging yourself as the one in charge of the direction of your life.

    Becoming the new you is the state of allowing: allowing the money, the health, the fit body, the well-being, the joy, the harmony, the inspiration, the love ….to flow into your life.

    You are therefore on the same level of the success you desire and able to allow it to flow seamlessly into your experience.

    Eliza teaches you to integrate your new beliefs and become a higher version of yourself - more aligned to who you want to be and what you want to achieve.

  • Eliza Lochan
  • 5. Intend It To Be So

    Intention is the mechanism to manifesting your wants. It is the process of creating.

    It is goal setting using focused thoughts & practicing conscious choice.

    Intend it to be so and it is; holding the positive expectation of your desire coming to life. You are geared towards the awareness of all the pieces falling into place.

    The unfolding of an intention right before your eyes reinforces your positive expectations and beliefs. Intention is a clear declaration of what you desire, a goal you launch as a focused thought with the positive expectation of it being fulfilled.

    Eliza gives you the formula for creating pathways to your desires becoming a reality.

  • Eliza Lochan
  • 6. Act To Create Momentum

    What guarantees you manifesting your desire and the speed at which is comes is in the “vibration” practiced at this stage.

    The levels and frequencies of these vibrations speed up or slow down having what you want.

    Eliza describes the process to initiate energy in a desire to create momentum. It will help you define the initial steps towards your goal and what is required to put it into motion.

    She describes “inspired action” and helps you identify the next logical step towards achieving your goal. She shows what the signs are of being on the way towards your goals.

  • Eliza Lochan
  • 7. Trust It’s Done, Know It’s Coming!

    How will you recognise the signs of your dreams coming through?

    Eliza delves into what ‘letting go’ really means and why it is necessary to be detached from the outcome. She illustrates the energy of wanting your desire and the energy of having your desire.

    By staying in the ‘state of wanting’ you prevent yourself from being able to receive your desire.

    The state of having your desire is the intoxicating feeling of already having it all.

    Manifesting, achieving goals & materializing desires are very much the same. There is a process, a prescribed method or formula to follow which brings the desired results.

    Eliza encourages you to enjoy the journey and understand where your power lies as you watch your desires come to fruition. She teaches you to maintain alignment at this crucial stage & how to be confident in knowing it is done and it is coming!

These one-to-one programs are held in Perth, Western Australia and/or via video, email and phone, worldwide. The initial phone or eMail consultation is complimentary.

Is this for you?

Meet two typical clients:

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Firstly, meet Scott...

Scott is in his mid 40s. He is married with two kids, ages 8 and 10. Scott's wife has a career which she got back into after the kids became of school age.

Scott is educated, ambitious, successful and time constrained. He is a professional.

Scott is open-minded. He feels impatient with his current level with success. He is frustrated by the slow pace of conventional ways of thinking and doing things. Up to this point, he has followed the rules and excelled by current standards. Although others see him as successful, Scott is dissatisfied with his life. He knows there must be more.

His current emotional state is discontent, impatience, frustration. He may not be able to articulate his wants, needs and frustrations.

Scott wants to feel satisfaction in himself being all he can be. He no longer wants to sacrifice one area of his life to have success in another area. He has a desire to "master his life". He wants to know how to: practical steps & results oriented systems to shift his current state and transform himself into living his full potential.
These one-to-one programs are held in Perth, Western Australia and/or via video, email and phone, worldwide. The initial phone or eMail consultation is complimentary.
Eliza Lochan

Meet Ronnie ...

Ronnie is a woman, divorced & late 30s with one grown child of 18 years old. Ronnie feels time is running out on her realising her dreams. She struggles with work - life balance, with juggling her feminine role as a mother, partner and her masculine role of provider & career person.

Ronnie is educated, qualified and in a stable career but feels she should be way ahead of where she is. She feels life is gender biased.

Ronnie feels frustrated by the current systems and desperately wants to feel more in control; to respond rather than react emotionally.

She is involved in parent groups, women's associations & community groups. She is a volunteer for charities and an activist for causes. Her desire is to serve.

What Ronnie wants is to learn to use her emotions as a tool to have a more empowered life. She wants balance, power and recognition.

A brilliantly tuned-in Being

"Eliza is such a gracious and stunningly heart-warming woman. Talking to her is easy and goes very deep, something I really value. I find myself receiving so much from her; perfect perspectives that take my evolution and joy even further. She is one brilliantly tuned in Being and I enjoy our delicious co-creation"

~ Izabella Siodmak, Author & Mentor, QLD, Australia

A powerhouse & trail blazer

"Eliza really excelled in male-dominated pursuits - including the oil industry - by combining her scientific intellect, results-based action approach with her finely honed inner guidance and knowing. She is a powerhouse, a trail blazer & an exceptional mentor who has embodied what she shares with others"

~ John Way Wang, Change and Mindfulness Coach, San Diego, USA

My inner connection

"Eliza's calmness, awareness, radiant happiness, focus, clarity, enthusiasm and confidence, makes people very relaxed. I gained knowledge from Eliza as she a answered lot of my questions and filled missing puzzles of my life that I was searching for; an inner connection with myself."

~ Halina Stanko, Civil Engineer, WA, Australia