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Author of 'Energize Your Desires', mentor and keynote speaker

For telephone enquiries in Australia, please call or text 0426 501 615.

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A brilliantly tuned-in Being

"Eliza is such a gracious and stunningly heart-warming woman. Talking to her is easy and goes very deep, something I really value. I find myself receiving so much from her; perfect perspectives that take my evolution and joy even further. She is one brilliantly tuned in Being and I enjoy our delicious co-creation"

~ Izabella Siodmak, Author & Mentor, QLD, Australia

A powerhouse & trail blazer

"Eliza really excelled in male-dominated pursuits - including the oil industry - by combining her scientific intellect, results-based action approach with her finely honed inner guidance and knowing. She is a powerhouse, a trail blazer & an exceptional mentor who has embodied what she shares with others"

~ John Way Wang, Change and Mindfulness Coach, San Diego, USA

My inner connection

"Eliza's calmness, awareness, radiant happiness, focus, clarity, enthusiasm and confidence, makes people very relaxed. I gained knowledge from Eliza as she a answered lot of my questions and filled missing puzzles of my life that I was searching for; an inner connection with myself."

~ Halina Stanko, Civil Engineer, WA, Australia