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Discover Your Superpower | by Eliza Lochan

A beginner's workbook for Finding Your Power & Taking Control of Your Life

How would your life improve if you knew exactly where your power comes from? We take it for granted there are things in this world that are out of our control but what if we knew exactly how to take back control of our own lives? What benefits could knowing your strengths be to you? What if by knowing your own power you can be in control of your own life and also increase your influence in the world around you? What if by discovering your power you gain the confidence to go after your dreams and learn how to master your life instead of feeling at the mercy of external forces? Discover your Superpower and be the authority of your own life!

Eliza Lochan What People Say

A Master of Manifesting!

"Eliza has always struck me to be a master at manifesting. Her life is a testament to her vibration. She is full of love & high-frequency energy, and is a tremendously compassionate listener. I recommend her highly to anyone seeking empowerment and transformation"
~ Daniel Scranton - Hawaii

Extraordinary Insights

"Eliza is one of those rare individuals who truly lives and breathes the universal truth that it is our birthright to be abundant, joyous and cradled with unconditional love. She possesses extraordinary insights into the universal laws and spiritual wisdom of the ages"
~ Dennis Negron - Washington, D.C

Wisdom like the Rays of the Sun

"Every day, and truly unlike anyone I know, Eliza brings insight into how to get the very best and sweetest life possible and being happy. Absolutely true to the power of appreciation is the way Eliza lives. She is a teacher to the core of her being by her example"
~ David Gordon - Herndon, Virginia

Transforms energy, brings peace

"Eliza's story is one of an empowered being who can lead you on that journey too. What is especially exciting is that she is incredibly intelligent and brings together a world of science and engineering with the world of metaphysics. She will inspire you as she has me"
~ Dr Nancy Peddle - Chicago

Master Your Mind

Eliza Lochan is an author, mentor and keynote speaker.
She provides consultations in person and via Skype or phone.