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Stories of Success

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Some of emails, comments and posts from my clients across the world.

Cynthia Dhanraj - NYC, USA

There are many people in the world that I admire. However, very few that I'm in awe of. Eliza Lochan is one of those few people. Without question she is my hero.

She is an embodiment of beauty, intelligence and class. She radiates positivity, exudes grace and executes complex things in the simplest forms- all at once.

Eliza has an uncanny way of uplifting my spirits every time I speak to her. Her unique coaching style is quite impressive. She has helped me to transform my life in many areas. I am forever thankful to her for empowering me with the tools needed to start living -living at my fullest potential that is.

To me, Eliza is much more than a coach - she's my role model, a person who radiates and exemplifies endless positivity and possibilities! This woman is fantastic in every way. A walking encyclopedia, a fearless being and a kind soul all meshed into one beautiful one of a kind package.

Mark Gregory - UK - Director, Fitness Organisation

My journey with Eliza as my mentor began in January 2016 and my life has not been the same since.

"I've always had the desire to be successful but never quite getting over the line perhaps because I did not clearly define what success meant for me. Eliza went through a process to identify my values and goals, prioritizing and streamlining what I needed to focus on to get to where I want to be"

I was already successful in my life with the deep desire to take that success to the next level but did not know how to?

This is where Eliza was of tremendous value to me identifying gaps to my mindset and empowering me with the tools to practice daily. Her explanations, insights and easy applicable methods transformed how I do business in a very competitive industry. Her mentoring program transcended throughout all aspects of my life.

Although I am based in the UK and Eliza in Australia, Eliza was accessible for even the non scheduled sessions. Her premium package offers that level of accessibility and it is worth it. Eliza has been able to help me prepare for meetings which resulted in even better outcomes I had ever thought possible.

At this stage 6 months later I am in a position where I can now see ultimate goals within reach. I have however in the short term increased my sales 200% more than the target and more than anyone else ever in my organisation!

The best outcome of Eliza's mentoring for me is it transformed my life by adding valuable tools to take me to my next level of success. These processes and tools which Eliza provided me are with me for life.

I highly recommend any business person who really want to be limitless, innovative, creative and crush targets to get in contact with Eliza. She has the ability to guide you to greatness.

A brilliantly tuned-in Being

"Eliza is such a gracious and stunningly heart-warming woman. Talking to her is easy and goes very deep, something I really value. I find myself receiving so much from her; perfect perspectives that take my evolution and joy even further. She is one brilliantly tuned in Being and I enjoy our delicious co-creation"

~ Izabella Siodmak, Author & Mentor, QLD, Australia

A powerhouse & trail blazer

"Eliza really excelled in male-dominated pursuits - including the oil industry - by combining her scientific intellect, results-based action approach with her finely honed inner guidance and knowing. She is a powerhouse, a trail blazer & an exceptional mentor who has embodied what she shares with others"

~ John Way Wang, Change and Mindfulness Coach, San Diego, USA

My inner connection

"Eliza's calmness, awareness, radiant happiness, focus, clarity, enthusiasm and confidence, makes people very relaxed. I gained knowledge from Eliza as she a answered lot of my questions and filled missing puzzles of my life that I was searching for; an inner connection with myself."

~ Halina Stanko, Civil Engineer, WA, Australia